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Network Design


Design Goals

With advance tools and ideas at the forefront of our professional services, we work closely with our clients to design and develop network solutions which satisfy and exceed our clients requirements for connectivity and redundancy within their budgetary constrains.

Network Assessment

A network assessment and planning engagement is the first step in our network development process. Our experts work with our clients in order to:

  • Review the existing applications and infrastructure.
  • Determine connectivity requirements.
  • Assess server capacity requirements and network coverage.
  • Ascertain security and management requirements.

The network assessment help us determine how to maximize performance from existing assets while transitioning to the new network infrastructure. It also helps us design a network that is reliable, scalable, and well-performing with very little guesswork or intervention.

Network Design and Implementation

Using data captured during the assessment step, we proceed with the network design step. Our design activities involves all key design elements such as network diagrams, equipment configuration requirements, addressing, and multi-protocol requirements. The result of these activities is a blueprint from which we build the physical, logical, and operational network infrastructure. The emphasis is on integrating the existing hardware, software, and applications to achieve high availability, manageability, and operability of the new network.